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Dhruv Saidava

Maker @ Tinkering India

Hello, I am Dhruv Saidava, an educator, researcher, and social entrepreneur with a passion for practical education, self-learning, and empowering communities. I have extensive experience in creating and implementing innovative teaching methods and programs that help students and learners of all ages reach their full potential.

My background in digital fabrication, civil engineering and socialwork has enabled me to provide innovative solutions for skill development, which I have used to create scalable approaches for reaching remote communities with quality education and digital literacy. I co-founded and serve as a trustee of the Prayatna Charitable Trust, where I am committed to helping underprivileged communities and creating positive social impact.

As a maker and co-founder of Tinkering India, I have been working on creating a self-sustainable system that equips the next generation of student mentors and leaders with better knowledge, skills, and attitudes. I have designed this framework based on four pillars - mentors, constantly updated knowledge framework, challenges, and failure - and have created no/low-cost activities that help students develop a growth mindset and learn from their failures.

I have a strong focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and use design thinking-based sessions to create solutions for social impacts. This approach helps students and learners develop their creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills while also promoting positive social change. Driving this impact model by creating reigion based framework on PURABharat Platform

If you're interested in collaborating or working with me or any of the organizations I'm associated with, please feel free to reach out to me via email at {dhruv} at {saidava} dot {com}.

You can also learn more about my past achievements and experiences on my LinkedIn , Github, and Google Scholar profiles.