“WHAT IF WE CAN CREATE AUTONOMOUS System to delivery Quality Education for Communities?”

Coming from an engineering background and being a practitioner and Educator, Dhruv has observed the challenges that he faced throughout his journey. He is on a mission to create a sustainable ecosystem to foster quality education for under-served communities leading to solving the problems of the community itself. Grown as a village kid and taking exposure to different eco-systems in different countries and spending years in the enterprise environment he visualizes the future need for the youth of India. He is a master trainer of design thinking, ideation process, 21st-century skills & attitudes and 4th technology-based industrial revolution. He is a Fab-academy graduate conducted by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld, Director at Bits and Atom center at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA) with expertise in the use and implementation of digital fabrication in education at different levels. He is inclined towards digital adaptability of 21st-century skills in remote communities in India for the future technology era.

Recent activites

Feb 21: Workshop on Understanding about Drones
Jan 08:21st-Century skill-based Techno Workshops at UniqYOU Blog Link

Nov 21: Conducted session on Basic Circuits at Singhvad, Dahod
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Learning Method for Framework Design

My journey of gaining the confidence through ups and down with observing the work that to putting failure based self learning effort. From facing issues to speak in English to being able to initiate initiative to create sustainable ecosystem it is so much which got to myexperince and putting all of that to a framework I found Right Exposure at Right Time with Value based oppurtunity have power to create changemakers.

This framework and training process is been worked through out my life and gave me confidence to think beyond my capacities never accept failures from the systems.

Framework layout by Dhruv Saidava for Leadership

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